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You work hard, so we’re for you. When we started, it took a long time to get everything figured out. Shoot, we’re still learning!

But we want to share the expertise and insights we’ve learned along the way. Think of it like, when we learn, you learn too!

Get your weekly dose of marketing advice and inspiration. The Weekly Consult is here to help freelance marketers succeed through news, analysis, & expert insights on everything from social media strategy to content marketing to analytics.

Our goal is simple: To give you the tools that will allow you to grow your business and live the life you’ve always wanted. From tips on how to make more money or find clients in less time, we’re here for all things marketing.

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Stewart Swayze

Stewart Swayze

Stewart is the founder and oversees the editorial coverage and long-form content. He is a marketing consultant for large companies and private equity firms.

Favorite type of consulting project: Commercial due diligence

Stewart’s Bio: Click Here

Contact: stewart at weeklyconsult.com

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PO Box 521025

Tulsa, OK 74152