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How to Showcase Your Marketing Consulting Business with a LinkedIn Services Page (2023)

Since March 2021, 2 million service providers have joined LinkedIn's Service Marketplace. To join the Service Marketplace, freelance marketers need to create a LinkedIn...

Expert Opinion: How to Get Into Consulting (2023)

You want to know how to get into consulting, but you're unsure where to start. Consulting can be a great career choice, but it's...

How to Become a Marketing Consultant (2023)

Do you want to work from home while doing a job you love? If yes, then becoming a marketing consultant might be the perfect...

Calculating Consulting Fees: Start Here First (2023)

How to Determine Your Consulting Rate If you're a freelance consultant, calculating consulting fees can be one of the most challenging aspects of your business. You...

How to Stay Motivated as a Freelance Marketer | 9 Expert Tips

You're a freelance marketer, which means you must learn how to stay motivated. The problem with being self-employed is that sometimes motivation can take...

How to Write a Cold Email to Grow Your Marketing Consulting Business

Your marketing consulting business needs new clients to grow. And you're not going to sit around waiting for prospects to find you. You're going...
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